“..this guy sure knows his way around the piano. And his virtuoso playing blows the mind… In a way, he resembles a young Duke Ellington…” (World Music Central.org)

You can download my resume and more “official” bio here.  TLDR: I’m an official Steinway artist, an instructor at the University of Toronto, an associate composer at the Canadian Music Centre and have been nominated for two Juno Awards.  I’m also a member of the jazz trio, Myriad3.

Here’s what I’m currently working on, and where else you can find me:

Jazz Piano Articles

Very dense, descriptive articles about practicing, jazz piano, and improvisation. Topics range from hand independence, understanding physical relationships at the piano, how to practice, and exercises.

Jazz Piano Video Tutorials

An extension of my written articles. Short and concise videos based on a more physical and intuitive approach to playing the piano. Releasing at least 2 vids / month.

Composing Piano Music

Mostly writing and releasing “neo-classical” music for Little Symphony Records under the moniker Christopher John. Patrons have access to sheet music and Mp3s as part of my discography.

Pico-8 Jams 

Every week, I release raw, unedited videos of me writing Pico-8 music.  Like Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting (but less cool obviously!).  Patrons will have access to all the videos, make requests, and suggest creative directions.  All completed music will be released for the community to use in games.

More About Me: