“..this guy sure knows his way around the piano. And his virtuoso playing blows the mind… In a way, he resembles a young Duke Ellington…” (World Music Central.org)

You can download my resume and more “official” bio here.  TLDR: I’m an official Steinway artist, an instructor at the University of Toronto, an associate composer at the Canadian Music Centre and have been nominated for two Juno Awards.  I’m also a member of the jazz trio, Myriad3.

Here’s what I’m currently working on, and where else you can find me:


You can often find me streaming my practice sessions on Twitch, usually between 1-4pm EST. I’m also chatting and happy to answer music related questions. People often stop by to ask about playing the piano, theory, and improvisation etc. My streaming schedule is inconsistent, so I also started a music masterclass series.  This is a time where viewers can send me their music to get feedback, or just chat.  Come say hello! 

Gruber Music

In 2015, I stared Gruber Music: an outlet for electronic music and composition. This ranges from composition using programs like Pico-8 and MilkyTracker, to sound design using Ableton, to audio/music implementation for video games using Wwise.


Patreon is where I publish transcriptions and jazz piano articles.  These are very dense, descriptive articles about practicing, jazz piano, and improvisation. Topics range from hand independence, understanding physical relationships at the piano, how to practice, and useful exercises.  I also publish video tutorials on composing music using Pico-8, and other fun projects and experiments.