Assimilate (Part 1/2)

If you could sound like anyone, who would it be? Who’s your hero?

Bill Evans? Great! Here’s what you should do:

Take your favourite Bill Evans record and listen to it a thousand times. Listen to it so much that you can sing it from start to finish.

Then get some manuscript and transcribe every note he plays. Every note. Right hand and left hand.

Take the manuscript to the piano and memorize it. Memorize how if feels under your fingers. Memorize how it sounds and memorize how it looks as notated music. Memorize it in every form. Test your memory by re-writing it on more manuscript away from the piano and without the recording.

Learn to play it exactly how Bill plays it. Try to capture every subtlety. Perform it from start to finish with and without the recording.

Can you taste it yet? Good! Stay tuned for Part 2!

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