Attention: Canada’s Jazz Community: Blog Competition Reminder!

Attention Canada’s Jazz Community:

The deadline for my blog competition is about three weeks away (Jan 30th).

If you’re a member of the Canadian jazz community, please forward this notice to your students, friends and colleagues.  This is important for a number of reasons:

For Professionals:

The future of our music lies with kids and students.  This is an opportunity for us to reach out to the younger generation.  We need to be open to how they think and how they perceive their future.

For Students:

This is an opportunity to help yourself and the community you want to belong to (music, jazz, classical, pop or otherwise). This blog competition is an open channel to professional musicians.  We’re listening!

Ultimately, your feedback will be used for your benefit.  At the very least, for our understanding, but also so we can craft more optimal learning environments for students like you.

For Everyone:

Issues are solved and pushed forward using common ground and compromise.  The ramblings of the jazz community suggest that finding common ground and compromise is much needed! So let’s communicate!

Please forward this message along!


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