Beyond Talent – Creating a Successful Career in Music

I revisited this book by Angela Myles Beeching over the holidays; I added it to my recommended readings.

I read it a few years ago; it gave me lots of insight into what business skills are necessary to have a thriving music career.

When most students graduate from music school, their knowledge of the business is usually limited to creating an email list, booking gigs at a few local venues and promoting them with Facebook invites. Beyond Talent is very wide in its scope and offers insight on everything from people skills, artist management, promotional materials and developing a following.

I enjoyed this book because it shed light on some areas of the business that we rarely think about. For example, have you ever thought about creating a letterhead? Have you ever considered what it takes to create a successful fundraising campaign? How you ever thought about how to get residency work?

I have the first edition; it was written in 2005 (before Twitter and Facebook!). Angela Myles Beeching has since released a second edition that also covers social networking tools, commissioning, branding, and online fundraising.

Despite my last post, I actually do wish more musicians would develop their business skills. I think Beyond Talent is a good place to start.

I highly recommend it; check it out!

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