Blog Competition Update

And the winner is….

Well, there is no winner. There were no entries.

A bit disappointed, yes, but on the brighter side, I’m up $200 bucks! I also learned enough to make the next competition more successful. There are many possible reasons why I didn’t get any entries:

  • Maybe it’s too busy a time for students.
  • Maybe I didn’t promote it enough.
  • Maybe $200 isn’t worth a student’s time.
  • Maybe the topic is uninteresting.
  • Maybe it should have included non-Canadians.
  • Maybe blogging is passé.
  • Maybe competitions are dumb.

Regarding promotion, for your interest, I emailed the director of every jazz school across Canada, asking them to forward the competition info to their students. I got three responses. Special thanks to my friends and colleagues who mentioned the competition on their blog – Ron Davis, Peter Hum, Josh Rager, Ted Warren and Jesse Cahill.

Will try again soon. Stay tuned!

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