Catch-22 – First Variation

The original post

Here’s another one:

You have $10000 to give out to composers. The money is to be used to commission new musical works. You have 20 seriously dedicated composers who apply for and deserve the money. They also submit samples of their proposed compositions, which vary in thematic development and unity. Unfortunately you can only give out ten awards of $1000 each.

You make your decisions and give the awards out to the composers with the most thematically developed and unified music samples. You tell the other ten composers that they weren’t considered because their samples weren’t as thematically developed and unified as their peers. It is your belief that they need more time to explore their thematic material.

Of course, they respond and say they need money so they can create time to explore their thematic material, which is why they applied in the first place!


What’s the solution?

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