Don’t Try Playing a Player

You can’t fool a player.

They know who you are after your first three notes.

They can hear all of your bad habits.  Every time you hesitate, slip, or try to disguise your insecurities, they hear it.

They can hear your level of confidence, discipline and commitment to the music.  They know if you’ve put in the time.  They even know how you’ve spent that time.

Musicians show different degrees of inventiveness with music materials; players can hear all of that.  They know if you’ve got something interesting to say, or if you’re full of shit.

They can hear where you sit in relation to the past, how you’re carrying the tradition and how your individuality contributes to the music.

Players know these things because they’re living it themselves.  Blood.  Sweat.  Tears.

Sometimes they’ll call you out…When it comes to music, players are naturally honest and can’t tolerate another’s dishonesty.  Occasionally then, their honestly crosses mediums from the music realm and into spoken/written words.

But sometimes they’ll remain silent; hopefully their music will speak for itself!  This is something players struggle with all the time.  To what extent can they help you figure it out?

You can’t fool a player, so don’t try.  Players are honest with you, so be honest with them.

But be honest with yourself first!

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