Facebook Purge

It’s getting out of hand; I’m averaging one “stranger” request every day. Not from people who are interested in me, mostly from people interested in promoting themselves. Along with their requests, I’m receiving their event invites, multiple page invites and desperate messages with links to their music.

So in two weeks, I’ll be erasing my Facebook profile!

I appreciate your readership, and want you to continue reading. If you’re interested in my work and like receiving and reading my updates through Facebook, please become a fan of my Facebook page. My page is mostly identical to my profile so you should receive all the same updates through your news feed. I’ll also send out a Facebook page invite in the next few days (only one I promise!).

If you’re interested in self-promoting, adding strangers as friends is counterproductive. At best, they’ll ignore you. Most likely, they’ll see you as a spammer; nobody likes spammers. But they’ll definitely think you’re boring.

Learn how to stand out; learn how to make an impact.

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