Find Your Voice

Someone asked me: “How does one find his or her voice?”

I wonder who started using the word ‘voice’ to express an artist’s individuality. It runs deep. Everyone’s looking for their ‘voice’ and getting frustrated when they don’t find it!

The obvious answer: “Everybody has a voice! Your voice is right under your nose!” This is true. If you look hard enough, you’ll find individuality in everyone.

(Side Note: Is having a ‘voice’ dependant on other people’s ability to recognize it?)

But this answer is useless. It isn’t good enough to call off the search. When we use the word ‘voice’ then, we must be referring to something else. Words like ‘clarity’ and ‘confidence’ come to mind. Maybe those individuals are still searching because they’re not comfortable with the voice they already have! Maybe the question should be: “How does one find confidence in his or her voice?”

I picture two musicians in two practice rooms. One is searching for his/her voice while the other is searching for confidence. It sounds like two entirely different game plans. I like the second one better. It accepts that you alreadyhave a voice but that it needs some attention. It needs a direction and a concept. The rest is practice.

Now we’re on to something!

“How does one find his or her voice?”

I replied: “Speak with confidence!”

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