Forming Habits

I hear many artists talking about the arts in Europe. From a North American’s perspective, appreciation for the arts and culture seem to be more prevalent. There are more gigs, more fans and more opportunities. Why?

I read this article and had some thoughts. Is it all about habit forming? Europeans have had a thousand years to develop habits that support the arts. Which means, unfortunately, that if this is a major issue for North Americans, there is no quick fix.

What will a North American do when they’re free on Friday night? How often will they go to the opera? My guess: Very rarely. If we took every North American child to the opera every Friday night for twenty years, and they were grew to appreciate it, discuss it and support it, what would the arts community look like after twenty years?

Some discussion points I’ll be considering for future posts:

How prevalent is the use of habit-forming marketing initiatives in the arts? How do arts groups address this issue?

From another perspective, artists now have the opportunity to use websites like Facebook and Twitter that are forming habits of a different kind. How does this trend affect the community?

Lastly, if habit-forming is a major issue, then does that mean government-sponsored arts-supporting initiatives that don’t take this into consideration should be scrutinized and reorganized to allow a shift in priorities?

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