Get the Grant: A List of Grants (Part 2/7)

Do you know which funding programs are available to individual artists?

Experienced grant writers always know what grants are available to them, who is offering them, when they’re due and how much effort is required to complete them.  They only know these things because at one time, probably when they were first starting out, they did a major research blitz.  Since then, it’s been easy for them to modify their information-base whenever grant programs are added, removed or adjusted.

But they had to start somewhere: Research!

Below is an incomplete list of grants available to Canadian jazz musicians.  I say incomplete because currently it’s limited to programs that I have personally investigated and applied for.

On the left-hand column, you’ll notice that I added a page called: “Grant Writing Guide.”  This list will be accessible on that page, along with these posts.  I’ll be updating it regularly.

In the meantime, if you feel obliged, please send me a link to any grants I’ve missed.  In particular, grants available to artists in other municipalities and provinces besides Toronto and Ontario.  I’ll be doing my own research blitz into these over the next few months, but your help would be appreciated!

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