Internet Experts

I’m sure we’d all agree that the ratio between good stuff and bad stuff on sites like YouTube is grossly unbalanced (this trend probably applies to all disciplines, not just the arts and music).  Talented players and educators are not adjusting their marketing efforts to take advantage of all the opportunities online.  Why?  For one, creating and posting content online hasn’t’ yet become routine for respected professionals.  Second, they’ve got better things to do!  They’re too busy practicing, playing gigs, composing, booking gigs, teaching and trying to support themselves and their families.  Making that transition would require serious dedication, patience and at least a few years of regular posting to creating a small following.   They don’t have time for that kind of endeavor!

Instead, young amateurs and hobbyists are posting awful performance and instructional videos for beginners who don’t know any better.  After all, what else are they going to do?  They can’t play professionally because they’re not good enough.  So places like YouTube become their outlet for performing on an international stage.  The worst part is that they’re getting a head start in developing an online presence and a dedicated fan base.

Things will inevitably change.  Hopefully fans will know the difference between quality and inexperience.  But regardless, this is a great time to your foot in the door.  It’s time to start flushing out all those inexperienced Internet ‘experts!’


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