Leading To More Gigs

Sometimes the leader calls you with a gig, or sometimes you’re the leader and you call the sidemen. Either way, in an effort to entice, bargain and encourage,someone says that this gig is a great opportunity and will surely lead to more gigs.

If you’re using or hearing this tactic, be wary!

Leaders have to be relentless sellers; clients don’t fall out of the sky. At best, clients will ask you back for a second gig. That’s rare. Sometimes a client will recommend you to other clients. That’s extremely rare. Also, contacts made at that gig almost always fall through.

If you’re taking a gig because of a promise for more opportunities, you should be aware of the business plan (if one exists). If the plan is sketchy or if the leader isn’t the seller-type, think again whether it’s worth your while.

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