Links (April 2010)

Some writings that I’ve read and enjoyed over the last month or so:

The April Linchpin Session | Seth Godin (Link)

Why Rejection Letters are Great | Write to Done (Link)

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers | Copyblogger (Link)

The Centuries-Old Struggle to Play in Tune | Slate Magazine (Link)

What Musicians Get Paid In The Digital Age | PSFK (Link)

Zebra Finch DNA May Offer Clues To Human Speech | NPR (Link)

Daniel Pink: The Arts Matter | The Arts Blog (Link)

The Time Has Come to Bring the ‘locavore’ Idea… | John Terauds (Link)

IFPI Report Debunks Myth Of DIY Stars | (Link)

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