Monk’s Wrong Notes #1

Sometimes Monk’s music makes no sense.

Though, I don’t think we’ve created a language to accurately describe it.  Certain elements are indefinable using conventional theory and analysis.

I’ve recently transcribed many of Monk’s solo piano recordings. So in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some of the indefinable elements (or “wrong notes”) that have moved and inspired me.

They’re quirky, humourous, ironic, bizarre, intentional, beautiful, perfect and most definitely Monk; I hope they make you grin!

These posts will be small, micro excerpts.  If you want the macro perspective, download the entire transcription from my post page.

Here’s the first one – the opening chord from Ruby, My Dear:

Ruby, My Dear1

It occurs a few times throughout.

Ruby, My Dear1a

Listen to it here:

Ruby, My Dear1

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