Music, Jazz, Ensembles and the Workplace

This is an afterthought to my post Music, Jazz, Ensembles and Kids.

Music ensembles are excellent forums for teaching kids social skills (among other things).  Through music, kids can develop intuitions relating to leadership, teamwork, sharing, listening and communicating.

Most kids won’t grow up to be musicians. But whatever their profession, they’ll likely be in a work environment where these skills will come in handy.

What about kids who don’t have the opportunity to play in music ensembles?  What about kids who aren’t exposed to group learning environments?

It’s possible that these kids grow up without these valuable social skills and struggle in certain work environments.  Specifically, work environments where they have to work and interact with other people!  As a result, the entire work place struggles.

I see this as an opportunity for music.  One could devise exercises for employees that address social issues found in workplaces and in music ensembles.  Here is a short list of topics:

  • The Leader-Follower dynamic
  • Accommodating different personalities
  • Public performance
  • Deciphering visual and aural cues
  • Listening and executing simultaneously
  • Focusing
  • Creating and realizing group objectives
  • Strengthening relationships

Of course, not everybody plays musical instruments, but I think these topics could be explored without them.  You don’t need a horn, piano, bass and drums to play music.  You only need beating hearts!

This seems like an interesting perspective on music ensembles, social skills and the workplace.  I’d like to explore this more in the future!

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