Music Schools and Technology

Wikipedia has an entry for bebop scales.

I bet that everything you would learn in a post-secondary jazz history class could be found online, for free.

What else can you find online?  How will it change in 10 years?

Music schools have a problem; teachers have a problem:  So much information can be found with technology, and students are becoming more reliant on it.  Many teachers, with their current curriculums and methods, are becoming obsolete.

Of course, this isn’t exclusive to music teachers or music schools.  Every discipline has to make serious adjustments.  How else are they going to compete with free online education?

Side note: Here’s a related article from the Telegraph: Why free online lectures will destroy universities – unless they get their act together fast (Link).  Also, check out Michael Sandel’s Justice lectures from Harvard University. (Link)

Fortunately for music schools and teachers, music is very right-brained and communal.  It can’t be wholly taught through the internet (yet!). This makes a good excuse to ignore technological trends, but teachers should be striving to optimize their methods and not shy away from the benefits technology brings to education.

Here’s a promising start: The jazz department at the University of Toronto now has a blog!  We expect it to evolve over the next few years, but this is the first step!

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