New Marketing Efforts

I deleted my Facebook profile today. I now only have a fan page.

I also severely cut down my e-mailing list. Instead of sending random gig reminders, I’m going to start sending out quarterly e-newsletters. I picked about 50 supporters of my music (mostly family, good friends and close colleagues) from my original list and gave them an opportunity to unsubscribe. For the other 500 contacts, I gave them an opportunity to subscribe. My list shrank from 550 to 150. Not surprising…

The concept behind my new marketing efforts is simple: Speak only to those who are listening. The goal is to produce a high quality message, share it unconditionally and hope that supporters will carry it to the next level. If something moves you, and you feel inclined, please forward it to friends; I’m counting on you!

I’m starting over; if you haven’t already, I would encourage you to do the same!

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