New Piano Music! – The Fruit (Bud Powell)

tl;dr – I’m starting to release self produced piano music every couple weeks

Hey everyone!

I’ve been promising new piano music for months – I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you

Every couple weeks, I’ll be releasing a video with some jazz improvisations and compositions.   I’m still unsure the best way to release this for patrons, but for now,

  • ALL patrons will have early access to the YouTube videos
  • +5$ patrons will also have access to Mp3s, MIDI files, & sheet music (in the Google Drive)

This has been a personal goal of mine for the last five years, and is an integration of everything I’ve learned about electronic music, sound design, mixing, content producing, and of course, the piano! Posts with new music will be very low key, with just titles and credits.  Of course, I’m happy to answer any questions about the steps involved in the production.  I’ll still be releasing Pico-8 covers. Tutorials/feedback are by request, and more jazz piano articles are on the way!

On to the music!

The Fruit by Bud Powell

  • Chris Donnelly, piano
  • Produced by Chris Donnelly (Gruber)
  • Mastered by Taylor Kernohan
  • Artwork by ndop

Recorded at The Metropole, Toronto Canada, September 2020

Thanks to Taylor for his mixing guidance! 

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