Online Relationships

Every week, I get a few MySpace friend requests. Most of the time it’s from somebody on the other side of the world who is trying to promote their music. I approve the request and never hear from them again. I used to take a listen to some of their music, but now I don’t bother. It’s way too time consuming!

On Facebook, I’ll get twenty event invitations every week. I used to read them all to get insight into what’s happening in the arts community. My keenness tells me to know about everything and everyone. But there’s no time! There’s too much information coming from too many people. I have to be very selective.

These are examples of when MySpace and Facebook don’t work as networking tools. I used to add MySpace friends like that. But I recognized early how futile that is.

Online relationships need to be nurtured just like real relationships. Do you think by simply adding one more friend to your profile, you’re advancing your career? How about 500 friends? 10,000? Having 10,000 random MySpace friends is no different than having 10,000 business cards thrown in a box. Totally useless! Unless, you have the skills to stand out, make an impression and nurture genuine relationships with your friends/contacts.

If they haven’t already, I suspect that users will eventually become numb to all the information available to them on social networking sites. Which means you have to stand out and reach out to them in a unique way. Read this book. I would recommend using Keith’s tactics for online use. I think the skills required to build ‘real’ relationships can be easily transferred to build ‘online’ relationships.

I’d be interested to know if Keith has any plans to write a book on this: creating successful relationships in the digital world. As well as showing how the skills can be transferred. I’m sure he’d be able to offer more insightful strategies. I’m looking forward to it!

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