It’s overrated.

We think a closed-minded artist is a fanatic. But an open-minded artist is a sellout.

Speak publicly about despising Coltrane’s music and they’ll put a bounty on your head. But telling someone: “He’s great!” goes against their expectations and your calling to be an honest artist.

The pressure from the community could be overwhelming, which is why we’ve developed escape phrases: “He’s great!” “She’s great!” You sound great!”“Great band!” Say no more, say no less; they won’t suspect a thing, but you’ve got to live with it!

I admire the artist who doesn’t succumb to that pressure. They’re the real deal. I’m not talking about the people who vibe you, I’m talking about the old school. The guys who know you better than you know yourself! They’re underrated. They don’t vibe and they don’t praise. They don’t change with the times either. That would be blasphemous!

I admire that.

While we’re on topic: Versatility is overrated too

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