Joseph Shabason: Sax, Alto Flute, Ocarina, Percussion, Synth, Field Recordings 
Bram Gielen: Bass, Piano 
Thom GIll: Guitar, Piano 
Phil Melanson: Percussion 
Nicole Rampersaud: Trumpet 
J.P Carter: Trumpet 
Ted Bois: CS-80 
Hugh Marsh: Violin 
Gigi Masin: Synth 
Chris Donnelly: Piano, FX 
Robin Dann: Vocals 
Felicity Williams: Vocals 
Kate Allen: Percussion 
Interview: Anne Shabason 

All songs written by Joseph Shabason except for November which was written by Joseph Shabason and Gigi Masin and Donna Lee which was written by Joseph Shabason and Chris Donnelly 

All songs recorded by Joseph Sahabson at Aytche Studio. The piano was recorded by Roger Leavens at Boombox Sound 

Produced by Joseph Shabason 
Mixed by Roger Leavens 
Mastered by Joe Lambert