Positive Experiences and Jazz

Think about why you like something.

Why do you prefer one style of music over another?

I’ve been using the term “positive experiences” in my writing lately.  I believe they’re at the root of an individual’s taste in art and music.  Positive experiences create positive associations between our minds and say, jazz.

It’s not that jazz is better music, or that jazz artists are more talented.  But jazz is who we are.  It’s deeply rooted in us, fastened with positive experiences and positive associations.

What makes an experience “positive?”  Here are some words that come to mind:

  • Fun
  • Participation
  • Activity
  • Engagement
  • Belonging
  • Friendship
  • Identity
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Refuge

My love for music and jazz are intimately related to these things.  How about you?

Recently, I wrote The Jazz Artist’s Lament and Re-evaluating Priorities.  If you want more support from the public, then a re-evaluation should consider the above thoughts.   Long lasting and deeply rooted preferences in art and music are dependant on them!

So the philosophy is simple: Create more positive experiences. Not just for yourself, for everybody!

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