Reading on the Web – Chris Brogan

I don’t claim to be using social media and digital communications most effectively; there are certain things that I’m working to improve.

I learn how to improve by reading Chris Brogan’s blog.  Chris is an expert on social media, blogging, communication, building relationships and how to use these things to their fullest potential.  I thought it was impressive that Seth Godin writes once a day, but Chris writes two to three times day!

In the music community, blogging hasn’t quite caught on.  That’s changing slowly, but we still need role models and people like Chris Brogan who set the right example.

If you’re considering starting your first blog, find a role model like Chris and see how he presents himself.  If you’re trying to expand your online audience, visit Chris’ site and figure out what he’s doing differently that should be applied to your own efforts.

Assimilate, imitate, innovate right!?

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