Reading on the Web – David Braid

The next few posts will focus on articles and blogs that I’ve read and enjoyed.  After all, my blog shouldn’t only be about my ideas; it should be about your ideas too!

First off, I would encourage you to check out David Braid’s writings.  He doesn’t have a blog (yet!), but he occasionally posts some of his written works.  You can be sure that if it’s from David, it’s going to be good!

David is one of my mentors and good friends.  I like to say that all of my teachers (before David) taught me to be a musician.  But David taught me to be an artist.

His most recent article is an examination of a line by Joseph Conrad:

“A work that aspires, however humbly, to the status of art should carry its justification in every line.”

He has also written about good vs. bad music and on a definition of jazz music.  Great stuff; check it out!

Oh…and his music isn’t bad either!!

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