Responding to Critics

The last thing I want to do here is justify my music.

Here’s an excerpt from a comment Mike Cann wrote on my Facebook page:

“Seems like people give you a lot of shit about your playing and interpretation of music…”

Actually, where my music is concerned, I’ve been fortunate and haven’t received much negative feedback…yet!  Regardless, I try to use this blog to comment on issues bigger than my music.

I can see how Mike and other readers may get that impression; sometimes I derive posts from personal experiences (ex. Interpreting Kapustin and Wrong Notes).  For all these posts, I try to divert attention away from me to focus on the bigger picture.

Besides, I would never create something unless it was 100% justified and relevant.  I know my music is real; otherwise it wouldn’t exist!

Responding to critics or any kind of negative feedback is a little redundant and unnecessary isn’t it?

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