Sense of Entitlement

One thing that will kill all your chances at success before anything else is a sense of entitlement.  A certain someone is getting all the recognition while you think you’re clearly more deserving.  Out of a sense of entitlement comes bitterness, spite, confusion, hatred and a prevailing darkness that clouds your ability to look at your career objectively and put things into perspective.

Accept this:  There are people who are less talented who will be more successful than you.  There are also people who are more talented who will be less successful than you.

Talent isn’t everything.  Nobody has said otherwise.  If those ‘less-talented’ and ‘less-deserving’ people are achieving the things you should be achieving, then they’re doing something you’re not!  And if you’re measuring your career against theirs, then you should be learning from people who are more successful instead of passing judgment.

Narrow in and focus on your own career.  Remember why you became an artist in the first place, and understand that recognition will never be a guarantee.

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