The Jazz Police

Who are they?

They resist change and speak out against it.  They’re often portrayed as being unreasonable, unrelenting and hypocritical.

I prefer to think of them as guardians.

The jazz police defend a language that’s morphing into something unrecognizable and impractical.

It must be frustrating for them: They see their influence manifest; they know that we speak because they spoke!  Yet as a consequence of time passing, we understand each other less and less.

They’re saying: “Wait! Can’t you see how beautiful this is?  Can’t you see that everything you do is because of this and because of us?”  And we ask:  “Who cares?” and “Who do you think you are!?”

Their tact isn’t always this admirable, but if you peel back the layers, the message is an important one.  It’s a message you’ll be considering for the rest of your life, as if they’re the future’s conscience. Let’s consider it respectfully.

Not convinced?  Just wait; we’re all bound to be guarding the past sooner or later. There’s a little bit of jazz police in all of us!

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