The Phenomenon of Music

This post was inspired by Stravinsky’s Poetics of Music Lesson Two – The Phenomenon of Music (Amazon affiliate link)

“The phenomenon of music is nothing other than a phenomenon of speculation.”

What elements are absolutely necessary to create music?  Stravinsky believes that music is inconceivable without sound and time, but the above statement encourages us to define our own elements that serve as the basis of our creations.

What about sound and time?

“Time” seems a bit redundant.  Sound implies time; sound is inconceivable without it.  Maybe an alternate variation should include only “sound” as the material of music.

Then again, “time” helps us measure our experiences.  Stravinsky later distinguishes between ontological time and subjective time.  If experience and meaning are essential to music, then this justifies naming “time” as an element of music.

However!  Considering the slight redundancy, how about this variation: Music is inconceivable without sound and memory.  Sound represents the physical nature of music and memory represents the experience.

More interestingly, how might this slight adjustment change how we create music?

What do you think are the basic elements of music?

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