The Sellout Artist – Who Knows and Who Cares?

We’ve all had this discussion before: “So-and-so is a sellout!”

In fact, we love to attack artists who are “selling out.”  Our intuition tells us that they’re being disingenuous; we think we’ve caught them in a lie!  But…

Who Knows?

Really, it’s our taste that tells us they’re being disingenuous.  Notice that listeners would never question an artist’s integrity if the music moved them.  It’s only when they hear something they dislike that they demand justification and put their lie detectors to horrible use!

It’s a waste of time to speculate; you’ll never know.

Even if so-and-so went public and revealed that she was a sellout….

Who Cares?

At the end of the day, does it really matter if so-and-so’s music is disingenuous?  Not to me.

I create music to fulfill a personal quest.  A necessity.  Appealing to the majority, or anyone for that matter, isn’t even part of the equation. My quest has nothing to do with so-and-so’s quest.  What’s important is that I’m genuine; that I do what I say, and say what I do.

Unless so-and-so’s music moves you, you’re best to ignore it.

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