I have a history of listening to Lady Gaga and enjoying it.

You see, my wife and I have a playlist of songs for fun. It includes artists like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Kanye, Beyonce, Fergie, Akon, etc. etc. But I get bored of their songs quickly, as if they’re only meant for a specific time and place. Now that those times and places are gone, the songs are meaningless.

Mixed in the playlist is Ray Charles’ Let the Good Times Roll. I feel I could listen to that a million times and never get bored. One might say it’s timeless.

I stand by my observation that listeners are the difference between good and bad music. But I’m still looking for an alternative.

Our ears change. Our tastes change. My good music today, could be bad music tomorrow. But sometimes, my good music is always good music.

Is everybody more likely to get bored of Lady Gaga than Ray Charles?

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