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Please comment and share your stories! Here’s mine:

I booked myself at a club. I found out the night before that the owner forgot to tell me he sold the club’s piano. Luckily, there’s a piano dealer in town who’s open at 7:30pm! I cold called them and negotiated a reduced rental rate, about $400, which includes moving in, moving out and tuning.

The owner was only willing to cover $100 of the piano rental. I was ready to walk away from the gig, but there was an article/profile in the local newspaper advertising the performance. So I decided to suck it up and play.

A week or so later, I found out that his cheque bounced. He promised to send me another cheque by weeks end. He never sent it. After many phone calls, emails and voice messages, I read in that same local newspaper that the club went bankrupt.

I lose!

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