Vouching for Products and Services

Every now and then, I’ll receive an email from a marketing firm that wants to advertise on my site.  I would love to take their money, but their propositions are silly.

They have offered me $100 to post an ad-text-link on one of my pages for a year.  I had a few problems with these offers:

  • The ads are out of context
  • I don’t want to advertise these products (like online gaming) on a site for music
  • I can’t vouch for these products
  • $100 isn’t worth making my visitors uncomfortable and ruining my site’s reputation

So I told them that I wasn’t interested; I think I made the right decision.

In the meantime, I thought it’d be a good idea to mention products and online services that I can vouch for.  If you’re interested, this will give you and idea of how I keep and maintain my online activities.  If you represent any of these, let’s talk advertising!!

MacBook Pro – This is my home base!  This laptop is just over 4 years old.  I’ve had minimal problems with it, though I think it’s slowing down a bit!

RapidWeaver – My website was designed by Cam Craig and I refer to him for any major structural and design changes.  Otherwise, I maintain and update my site using RapidWeaver.  RapidWeaver is a web-designing application for people who aren’t comfortable with code-based software.  I used to use DreamWeaver, but it was difficult and time-consuming (I have very basic computer programming skills)

With Rapidweaver, I can choose from a number of built in page templates; you don’t have to write in HTML if you don’t want.  This way, it’s fairly easy to add/remove pages, create photo slideshows, movie albums, create blogs and much more.

WordPress – This is a WordPress blog.  WordPress makes their software available so that you can download and install it right into your website.  The alternative is creating a blog and using their website (www.chrisdonnelly.wordpress.com, for example).

I’m still exploring WordPress.  It can be very versatile, especially with all the available add-ons and plugins.  Unfortunately, RapidWeaver prevents me from using WordPress to its fullest.

WP-Blog – RapidWeaver’s built in blog page is very basic.  Earlier this year, I decided that I needed something more powerful, like WordPress.  But because my site is designed using RapidWeaver, I needed to purchase WP-Blog, which makes RapidWeaver compatible with WordPress.

Setting this up was very confusing and it can still be confusing at times.  So in the next six months I hope to completely redo my site and this blog – stay tuned!

Mail Chimp – They offer an excellent, free email marketing service with tons of features.  Once a week, they read my RSS feed and send subscribers all my latest blog posts.  I also send out a quarterly newsletter using Mail Chimp.  I think they look pretty good; you can view them here.  If you’re interested, you can subscribe to my blog updates and/or quarterly newsletter here.

Delicious – Any time I read an article that I like, I save it to Delicious.  Delicious has a neat way of organizing all of your favourite sites, blogs, articles and links.  It also acts as a social network so you can check out what other people are reading.

Google Reader – I love using Google Reader; it makes reading on the web much simpler.  In case you’re not familiar, all blogs and many online media outlets have RSS feeds…don’t worry, I don’t know what they are either.  But if you see this icon: , the site you’re visiting has an RSS feed.  My RSS can be found here.

If you read multiple blogs, you can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds using Google Reader.  Google Reader will compile all of the RSS feeds into one feed so you can read all your news and blogs in one place!

Amazing Slow Downer – My favorite software for transcribing. The slowing down feature is pretty impressive.  The loop feature is also very useful.  I used to transcribe with an iPod, but ASD is much more efficient and cuts my time spent on transcribing at least by half!

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