What’s This Blog All About?

Someone asked me the other day: “I haven’t read your blog – what’s it about?”

I admit it was difficult to convey a good answer; I like to write about many different things.  So I’d like to reflect on it here:

This blog is about music and musicians!

The essence of music is more significant than words like “piano” and “jazz.”  On one level, I’m indifferent to these words; they represent a small chunk in a much bigger picture.  I try to encapsulate that in my writing.

Ironically though, I don’t ignore the fact that I’m a jazz pianist!

So the content in my posts ranges from the very practical to the very general.  I write about everything from “Double Note Scales” to “Using Music to Instill Positive Experience.”  Performing, composing, teaching, learning, aesthetics and the music business are all common topics in my writing.

But here’s an idea: Just as I’m indifferent to the word “jazz,” I’m also indifferent to the word “music.”

This blog is about art and artists!

Music is also a small chunk in a bigger picture.  There are many ways to instill positive experience; music is just one of many.

You may be thinking about the other arts like dance, drama, visual arts, poetry etc.  But I don’t only think only about what art is; I like thinking and writing about what art does, and how we can interact with it most effectively.

The idea of art doesn’t apply only to “the arts.”  The iPod is a work of art.  The toothbrush is a work of art.  Henderson’s goal in the ’72 series was and is art (see video below!).

We can learn from these things.  Likewise, I think the ideas expressed on this blog can be applied to business, entrepreneurship and marketing. It’s all connected to what art is and what art does.

This blog is about relationships!

I think this theme truly ties this blog together.  The fact that I have a blog – one that is open for people to read, reflect and comment – is indicative of an aim to cultivate relationships and build a community.  Most blogs and the web in general are indicative of this.

But I like to write about these interactions too; this blog is actually about relationships.

It’s about giving and receiving; it’s about sharing and growing through music and art.  It’s about the culture bubble.

It’s also a conversation; please comment and share your thoughts!

If you can’t see the video, click here.

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