When Jazz Pianists Play Fast – A Collection of Runs, Exercises, & Idiomatic Gestures

(Find the full article and transcriptions on Patreon) — One of the major premises of these articles is that pianists make improvisatory decisions based on physical relationships, not just harmonic or auditory relationships.  This is especially observed when pianists play fast – finger sequences, note clusters, hand positions, and higher levels of abstraction are required to support […]

New Piano Music! – The Fruit (Bud Powell)

tl;dr – I’m starting to release self produced piano music every couple weeks — Hey everyone! I’ve been promising new piano music for months – I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you Every couple weeks, I’ll be releasing a video with some jazz improvisations and compositions.   I’m still unsure the best way […]

Two-Handed Jazz Voicings: A Practice Guide

(find the full article on Patreon) One of the most common difficulties among jazz piano students is playing two-handed voicings.  Generally, the problem is twofold: What are the “good” voicings and how do you practice them?   There are lots of resources on jazz voicings. With a little bit a research, it’s not difficult to discover a […]

Bud Powell Solo Piano Transcriptions

Five tunes by Bud Powell! Lead sheets and solo piano transcriptions available here on Patreon.  Links go to YouTube where you can hear the originals. The Fruit Parisian Thoroughfare  Oblivion Hallucinations Dusk in Sandy  I’m confident these are 99.9% accurate, but undoubtedly, there are typos, and corrections will need to be made.  Please let me […]

Jazz Counterpoint – Improvising Melody & Bass at the Piano

When musicians think about counterpoint, most likely they think about traditional fugues and “Bach” counterpoint.  In some cases, they may also think about renaissance counterpoint, species writing and the music of Palestrina.  When you listen to improvising pianists like Brad Mehldau, Fred Hersch, and Egberto Gismonti, you will hear lots of interesting hand independence and a […]

Piano Transcription & Deep Analysis – Sugar Ray by Phineas Newborn Jr.

I thought I’d take a break from the grind of writing about hand independence and transcribe something instead. In my own practice, I revisited this tune by Phineas Newborn Jr. called Sugar Ray.  I encourage students to learn it because the melody has a very specific piano/band arrangement, it covers a good spatial range at the piano, […]

Hand Independence and Counterpoint

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