Jazz Counterpoint – Improvising Melody & Bass at the Piano

This is everything I know about playing “walking” bass lines in the left hand, and improvising in the right hand. Includes how to structure practice, manage difficulty, and design your own exercises. The article is a work-in-progress, currently at about 8,000 words. It’ll be 10,000 when complete. Available on Patreon!

As with most of my articles, I thought this would be relatively short and concise, but I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. Topics include:

  • Transcription Analysis
  • Designing a Practice Strategy
  • Integrating Bass Lines with Physical Relationships
  • Examples of Bass Lines Over ii-V-I
  • Adding Right Hand, Simple Exercises
  • Adding Right Hand, Advanced Exercises
  • Meter, Time Feel and Rhythmic Relationships
  • Extreme Advanced Exercises

Also includes transcriptions of Dave McKenna on Yardbird Suite and Lennie Tristano on Deliberation. These PDFs are only the first two pages. The full transcriptions and article can be found on Patreon.

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