Thelonious Monk Transcriptions

Patrons can now download my (readable) Thelonious Monk transcriptions! Ask Me Now Blue Monk Bluehawk Everything Happens to Me Monk’s Point North of the Sunset Pannonica Reflections Round Lights Round Midnight Ruby, My Dear This has been a long-term goal of mine. I have hundreds of pages of hand written, solo piano transcriptions that I’ve […]

Bebop Isolation Complete!

My Bebop Isolation series is complete! This is a playlist of self-produced piano music that I performed, edited, sound designed, and mixed. Pianistically, every track features various approaches to 2-part counterpoint and hand independence. Mp3s, sheet music, and MIDI source files are available on Patreon. Track List: The Fruit (Bud Powell) Chi-Chi (Charlie Parker) Donna […]

Blogging 301 – Making Connections and The Metaphor

I’m happy to announce that I have exceeded three hundred posts!  You’re reading post #301! Writing has had a major impact on my growth over the last two years; I would encourage everyone to write down his or her thoughts! Not necessarily to publish (in a book, blog or otherwise), but because the act of […]