Thelonious Monk Transcriptions

80 pages of Thelonious Monk transcriptions available on (Patreon) and (Gumroad)

  • Ask Me Now
  • Blue Monk
  • Bluehawk
  • Everything Happens to Me
  • Monk’s Point
  • North of the Sunset
  • Pannonica
  • Reflections
  • Round Lights
  • Round Midnight
  • Ruby, My Dear

This has been a long-term goal of mine. I have hundreds of pages of hand written, solo piano transcriptions that I’ve been meaning to translate into Finale, (or something more readable!).  I’m really happy to finally be releasing these.

As usual, I’m confident these are 99.9% accurate, but if you come across any mistakes, please let me know!  Also, Monk’s playing doesn’t always fit elegantly into Western notation (neither do physical gestures in general!). So, I took some liberties, especially with fast runs and glissandos.


  • Sue B

    May 15, 2022 at 2:41 am

    Hi Chris, How much do you charge for a transcription? I would just like to buy a couple for myself but don’t like to have “subscriptions” to things. Also, it’s not on your list, but have you happened to transcribe “There’s danger in your eyes, cherie” (Take 1)?
    Thanks for doing the work : )

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